Open Call – Blockchain Working Groups

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Get Published - Join a Blockchain Working GroupIf you are looking to get involved in Blockchain research, move from conversation to contribution, and set yourself apart as a thought leader in this space then this Open Call is for you. Take a look at our working groups and let us know if you would like to contribute to any of the current topics being explored. New topics may be proposed by Corporate members but Professional members can apply to join any workgroup as an author while the call for that white paper is open.

What is a Working Group

Working groups are typically comprised of 4-6 individuals from professions relevant to the defined subject. The groups are set up through a nationwide Open Call for contributors from all sectors. Whether you are an individual, professional or corporate, in accounting, law, retail, aviation, health, the arts, software development or any industry affected by blockchain – these working groups will be of interest to you. We will introduce new group members and provide support and guidance throughout the research and documentation stages.

The purpose of an Open Call is to gather expressions of interest for collaboration on a particular topic or question, which may or may not be sponsored by one of our Corporate members. Each contributor outlines the section(s) he or she would like to contribute to, and typically the group coordinates the drafting process together. Reports come together iteratively, allowing new context from one section/contributor to inform another part of the report. The overall ‘voice’ will therefore be consistent, informative, and enjoyable to read.

How do I benefit?

The benefits of being part of a Blockchain working group are substantial:

  • Get Published – your name, along with those of your co-authors, are credited on the report. As a member you are welcome to include this on your CV or LinkedIn profile, with a link back to the paper on our website.
  • Exposure – the report will be published on the Blockchain Association of Ireland website, and all of our social channels
  • Collaboration – this is an excellent opportunity to work with others of a complementary perspective. If your expertise lies in aviation, for example, your work may benefit from the input of someone from the logistics or legal arenas. The final white paper will have considered the subject at hand “in the round”, i.e. with the benefit of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Networking – you will get to know your co-authors through the drafting process, deepen your relationship to the Association, and expand your network through engagements related to the white paper publication.
  • Presentation – papers will be presented at selected events throughout the year, substantially broadening their reach. These presentations also give you the opportunity to bring your message into the public domain in person, if you so choose.

The Writing & Publication Process

Submissions are made to the Blockchain Association of Ireland for final edit and publication or may be returned to the group for editorial updates as required. In general, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Expertise: you don’t have to be well known in your field, however, a degree of knowledge of the utility or potential applicability of Blockchain to your industry will help you document your perspective, and answer the core question of the white paper
  2. Referencing: any facts or figures relied upon for the purposes of your submission should be thoroughly referenced, and any reproduction of supporting third party work should be done with the permission of the original author
  3. Data: if you can perform surveys or contribute new data to the research, let us know! The Blockchain Association of Ireland looks to support and distribute all critical new information delivered via the workgroup process
  4. Originality: new ideas are particularly welcome, if you have a unique perspective or a novel approach to your subject, this is an excellent opportunity to get the word out and demonstrate thought leadership on the subject

Take a look at our Working Groups, some of which are in Open Call at the moment, and let us know if you would like to contribute! If you are not yet a member, there’s still time! You can sign up here.