Membership BenefitsOur mission is to establish Ireland as a Global hub for blockchain innovation by engendering collaboration on blockchain projects all over the country.

As such, there are no restrictions to application and membership is open to all, whether student or CEO, start-up or multinational, computer scientist or economist.

Our research team co-ordinates with all new members to identify their ambitions and understand how the association can support through a variety of;

  • skills-training and certification for all levels
  • group work and peer-learning
  • meet-ups, hackathons, conferences and exhibitions
  • national and global networking and introductions
  • reports, whitepapers and industry publications
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Membership Options

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  • Special rate for academia/research students
  • Introductions to educational opportunities
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  • €249.00 p.a.
  • Contribute to periodical publications
  • Author industry whitepapers
  • Discounts for all training courses and events
  • Network with peers


  • €2,500.00 p.a.
  • Five Professional team members
  • Company branding on association website
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Whitepaper sponsorship opportunities

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